Increase your Dropbox (and space!

Increase your Dropbox (and space!

My usual offer of 18GB space still stands, and for a limited time I’m offering 80GB of storage as well. Check it out @!

My Service:

I can provide you referrals for your account for an additional free 5GB of storage/referral. If you purchase this gig, you will receive 16 referrals valued at 80GB

total. starts with an amazing free 15GB of space, so you’ll end up with a total of 95GB after this gig!


What do you have to do? Nothing! All I need is your referral link, which can be found



How long does this space last?

Forever! For the life of the service, which is looking pretty stable!

What’s your method?
You send me your link, I provide you referrals.

Does this work if I already have referrals?
Of course! You will gain the additional space on top of your current space.

What’s the maximum space I can order accumulatively?
There is no real limit, but to provide an estimate; 1TB



Best & Cheapest web-host? Use HostGator!


With Unlimited disk-space and Unlimited bandwidth for $3.95 a month, why would you even bother to look anywhere else? HostGator prides themselves in holding a status applicable only to “world-leading providers of web hosting”, and they have a track record to back that up. I hosted with them for two years, until study got ahead of me and I had no time to maintain a website. (Heard of lang-ex? Yeah, I started that. Sold it, and watched it get overcome by spam.) I’m willing to put my reputation on the line and vouch for them.

Make sure you check out their site They created coupons that are available only to my readers, if you’re interested you can get $9.94 off your first order if you check out with the coupon “mergedlife” (no quotes) and 25% off with the coupon “mergedlife25

Know any better alternatives for hosting? Let me know in the comments!

Increase your Dropbox (and space!


Ever heard of Dropbox? It’s my favourite Cloud storage provider, a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. It has kept increasing in popularity over the years it has been around thanks to its elegance, invisibility and fantastic API.

The only pitfall to their service is that they only provide 2gb of free space to users. To get more space, users have to spend crazy amounts. Sure, $9.99 a month for 100gb is great, but what if I don’t need 100gb? What if I don’t have $100 just lying around to throw at my computer?

So I went for a walk to calm down. A virtual walk. And what did I find? I found that Dropbox has a Get Space section @ After completing some of the tasks laid out there that included linking my Facebook and Twitter accounts I found I had quite a bit more available storage space. That lasted me a whole 5 days. I had to share my previous year’s high-school work across all of my devices and found my Dropbox folder maxed out again! Angry, what did I do? I took another virtual walk.

Before long, I found that Dropbox has a great Get Started section @ Surprisingly I had completed all of the steps listed bar one, “Invite some friends to join Dropbox.” interested, I set out on a mission to invite my friends. Inviting many people proved somewhat too difficult, as most of my friends either had Dropbox already, or were simply too scared of technology to assist me in pursuing my gains.

Dropbox Proof

Too curious, and after only successfully inviting two people, I scoured the web for ways to gain referrals. And to my success, I found somebody who was offering upgrades as a service. Check it out by following this link: I threw it in a fiverr gig, and here it is! My way of saying ‘thanks’ to the community. I’m offering Dropbox upgrades of up to 18gb on fiverr! Make sure to follow the steps outlined in the links above for additional space.

Thanks for reading. Comments below! Have you found any other ways to increase your Dropbox storage??


**UPDATE 10/9/2012**
For a limited time, and thanks to a lot of requests, I’m offering 80GB of referral storage on, a similar service to Dropbox with higher referral rewards, as well! Check this out @